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I’ve just about caught my breath after what has been a fantastic first couple of months as CEO of Fujitsu UK and Ireland.

Meeting employees right across the country, I’ve experienced first-hand our winning attitude and a shared belief that anything can be achieved if we work as one team. There is a real sense of possibility.

The atmosphere around the company is electric.

I’ve enjoyed my time with all of you but most enjoyable has been some of the significant new business wins since taking the job. There is nothing quite like that winning feeling. This has been attributable to the hard work of so many people – I just came in at the close- and it has created a huge buzz across the company! It is brilliant when our customers choose us.

In the public sector in particular, there are some really interesting digital solutions that customers have chosen Fujitsu to deliver. These highlight the market opportunities that exist for Digital right now in the UK.

Technology is becoming increasingly pervasive in both the public and private sector, and the size of the market in the UK is enormous.

More and more organisations are realising the benefits of digitalising their value chain, and increasingly looking for a technology partner who can co-create and innovate in line with their business ambitions.

And just look at where we are going. It was a privilege to speak at this year’s Fujitsu World Tour event; a great showcase of our innovative, cutting edge technology in the centre of London, with a record attendance from our customers.

Our theme of human-centric innovation is really resonating with people, and the emerging Digital element of our own business is moving at an exciting pace.

I believe that technology lies at the heart of how humans can live better lives, as well as enhance society. That’s always been the ambition for technology companies such as Fujitsu, but now we’re increasingly seeing it become a reality.

What I’m finding really interesting is how we can bring the best parts of Eastern innovation into the Western world. East meets West. Fujitsu’s global heritage is something we’re very proud of, and definitely something that makes us stand out.

Asia and the Far East have very different emerging technologies, something we in the West often forget. To deliver exceptional results for our customers, we are committed to delivering global innovation that also benefits from the best knowledge of the local market.

It feels like I really am following in the footsteps of giants at Fujitsu. My predecessors, Duncan Tait and Michael Keegan, led this organisation to be not only successful financially, but also to be a place where our people are happy, engaged, and supported to reach their full potential. This ethos is one I am determined to continue.

Both Duncan and Michael have also always emphasised the importance of acting responsibly as a business – a commitment I wholeheartedly share. So it’s made me hugely proud that Business in the Community (BITC) have named Fujitsu as the BITC Responsible Business of the Year.

There are so many community leaders involved in BITC that have amazing stories to tell. As much as businesses can support and help their local communities, it’s equally important for business leaders to learn the lessons that community organisations can teach them.

Businesses increasingly believe that delivering more than just the bottom line is important; it’s about being responsible and adding value to society. As I said at the Fujitsu World Tour, it is our customers, by choosing us, who enable us to be a responsible business.

Working in the technology sector, we’re in a unique position where we can give people the digital means to enhance their lives. This is incredibly important to me – and I look forward to taking it even further in this new role. It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to lead such a great organisation in the UK and Ireland.

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